About us

The Arge Grabenstetten is a non-profit association with about 140 members and was founded in 1973. The basis of our hobby is the common interest in caves. However, we do not just want to “experience” the caves but also file and document them with the methods of science as far as they are available to us by self-study.

Apart from seeking caves and new parts of caves the measuring and photo documentation is one priority of our members. Moreover, geological, biological and paleontological characteristics are examined just to mention some examples. We seek a close cooperation with the relevant scientists. All activities are voluntary and done in the spare time of our members.

In order to support our work we are members in the following associations and societies:

  • Verband der deutschen Höhlen- und Karstforscher e.V.
  • Landesverband für Höhlen- und Karstforschung Baden-Württemberg e.V.
  • Höhlenrettung Baden-Württemberg e.V.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fledermausschutz e.V.
  • Gesellschaft für Urgeschichte Blaubeuren e.V.

Our focus areas:

  • Search for unknown caves or parts of caves
  • Measuring and documentation of new caves and parts of caves
  • Follow-up work such as geological, biological or hydrological examinations
  • Extra cave service on the Falkensteiner Höhle during summer
  • Cooperation with recognized nature protection organisations within the state natural protections associations and the nature conservation authorities.
  • Ownership of a club house, currently in Münsingen-Böttingen
  • Maintenance of a considerable material store and a club archive for the members

Cave service:

In 1975 the international year of the cave protections, we founded the cave service on the Falkensteiner Höhle and have performed it yearly ever since.

From Mai to September we teach visitors at the weekends about the cave, which is a magnet among our local caves due to it length, size and accessability.

With wall charts, information leaflets and in personal conversations we like to report about the fascination of the underworld, draw the attention to dangers and ask for their protections.

Research and Education:

The focuses of our work in the nineties were the Falkensteiner Höhle and its surrounding cave systems of the “Grabenstetter Großhöhle”, caves of the mid-Swabian Alb as well as water-bearing caves in the total area of the Swabian Alb.

Moreover, we regularly conduct expeditions into alpine karst areas of Germany and Austria, to the Gottesackerplateau in the Alps of the Allgäu and the Totes Gebirge. Some members go on cave outings in all parts of the world. We offer training seminars of different sizes and about different topics for interested people to enable them to join our tours.

The association publishes an annual report as well as internal newsletters documenting research but also anecdotes of the corresponding year. For more than 10 years the “Unterwelten” (“Underworlds”) calendar has been produced and sold worldwide.


Every November the association offers guests an information evening in the Falkensteinhalle in Grabenstetten. Slide lectures and presentations are held about regional and cross-regional cave projects and karst-related projects of the Arge.